Early summer, hearts full of love.

Magical Antarctica.

Pink sand paradise! A few photos from a recent trip to Harbour Island… and it was extra special because I went with my grandfather.

Production stills for queerSpawn playing now through May 19th at HERE Arts Center in New York.

About the show

When you’ve got two moms in a small town sometimes it’s hard to believe “It Gets Better”. For this “queerspawn” Kid, freshman year looks like it’s only going to get worse. A comic drama for adults about imaginary friends and surviving high school.


Playwright: Mallery Avidon
Director: Jesse Geiger
Producer: Elizabeth R. English

A Collection of Shiny Objects: Elizabeth R. English, Jesse Geiger, Nathan Leigh

Cast: Noel Joseph Allain*, Akeem Baisden Folkes, J. Alexander Coe*, David Greenspan*, Chris Perfetti*, David Rosenblatt*

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association

Erica + Dan ~ celebrating love & spring (c’mon spring!) in NYC.

A few images from an afternoon spent with About the Swing and the kids at PS 76 on West 121st Street not too long ago… one of my favorite days at work this winter!

Production photos for EXILE - the final play in the 2013 Mentor Project.

I so loved photographing at the Cherry Lane Theatre this year… it’s too hard to just pick ten shots!

More photos for all four fantastic shows here


April 3 - 13
by Nastaran Ahmadi
mentored by Kia Corthron
directed by Lisa Peterson
featuring Rebecca Brooksher, Stephanie DiMaggio, Nadine Malouf, Arya Shahi, John C. Vennema

An Iranian-American video game tester develops a game set in a post-nuclear-apocalypse Iran, even as her own relationship becomes a fallout zone. In this new play that tests the boundaries between fantasy and reality, loyalties shift quickly, and staying alive is the only way to win.

Production photos for LAWNPEOPLE - the newest Mentor Project show playing now, through March 23rd, at the Cherry Lane Theatre.

March 13 - 23
by Natalia Naman
mentored by Eduardo Machado
directed by Elena Araoz

featuring Liza Fernandez, Dea Julien, Bobby Plasencia, Stacey Sargeant, and C.K. Allen

Lawnpeople tracks the journey of Solymar, an undocumented Mexican immigrant working as a housekeeper for a wealthy black Southern couple.  When Solymar’s mother is killed back home in Mexico as the result of gang violence, her pre-teen daughter is left across the border without family, while the odds of Solymar returning home to protect her daughter become increasingly unlikely. Meanwhile, the woman she works for becomes so emotionally involved in Solymar’s plight that her own marriage is threatened. Race, class, and the deepest matters of the heart are at odds in this play about love, ambition, and responsibility.

A few production photos for PIT playing now through Sunday, March 17th at Theater for the New City.

More photos: http://chasi.zenfolio.com/pit/productionpics


by Melisa Annis
Directed by Jeff Woodbridge

In Pit, the residents of a Welsh mining village are pushed to the brink as the Iron Lady tightens her grip on Britain. The play explores how these people cope with adversity and the lengths to which they will go to survive as the miner’s strike of 1984 brings out the best and the worst of this tight-knit community.

Patrick Eichner
Samantha Jones*
Kurt Kelly*
Jake Levitt
Molly Lovell
Sarah Matteucci
Ted McGuinness
Michael Mraz
*Member, Actors’ Equity Association. AEA Showcase.

Pit is produced by Long View Theater Company.
Set Designer: Maria Plavsic;
Lighting Designer: Kia Rogers;
Costume designer: Deanna Frieman;
Sound Designer: Josh Millican;
Stage Manager: Alicia Thompson;
Publicist: Paul Siebold, Off Off PR.

About a month ago, Michele Clapton, the amazing costume designer for Game of Thrones flew to New York from London and I got to photograph her and all these gorgeous costumes and props from the show… but I wasn’t allowed to talk about it!

HBO just released some of the photos and now they’ve been published on Entertainment Weekly.

Pretty excited to say the least! This shoot was ridiculous amounts of fun.

Here’s a link to the post on EW.com by Darren Franich.

Production photos for JOE - playing NOW through March 2nd as part of the 2013 Mentor Project at Cherry Lane Theatre.

written and performed by Elizabeth A. Davis
mentored by Enda Walsh
directed by Chris Henry

Joe  is a play with music about a Native American, homeless man in his 60s, and his ten year encounter with Elizabeth, a small town, Texas pageant girl in college. Brought to life through the nostalgia of fiddle music, Joe is a story inspired by real events of two wild souls finding friendship and finally, family, in the most unlikely places.

February 20 - March 2

Production stills I snapped for PAS DE DEUX (lost my shoe) - playing NOW through March 2nd as part of the 2013 Mentor Project at Cherry Lane Theatre.

PAS DE DEUX (lost my shoe)
written and performed by Lisa Ramirez
mentored by Cynthia Hopkins
directed by Bryan Davidson Blue

The bonds between siblings are as layered, complex, and true as all great loves. In the spring of 2002, at a time when she had only just overcome her own addiction, Ms. Ramirez lost her younger brother, a principal dancer with The Oakland Ballet, to alcoholism. Upon his death, she enrolled in a ballet class, learning the dances her brother had performed. As she retraced his steps, she not only stayed sober, she learned a new dance, a dance that ultimately was her liberation. Pas de Deux is the first play ever to be commissioned by Mentor Project.

February 20 - March 2

Blue & stillness.

A few more photos from my travels in Istanbul.